Surprising my Dad with his Dream Car (75% off MSRP)!!!

Datum objavljivanja: 30. Pro 2019.
Buying my Dad his dream car and surprising him with it out of nowhere was one of the best things I have ever done in my life. I surprised my dad with a new car and he did not expect it at all! We saved over 75% off of MSRP by not buying it from the dealership!
With luxury cars it's better to let someone else buy it new and take the huge depreciation hit first. Then you can buy it at an amazing price with low mileage and just a few years old. We wrapped the car with an Indulgent Blue wrap to make it look amazing and we learned how to change the oil in an exotic car to save a ton of money!
*All-in-one* used car search website:
Where I got the large model car:
Blue Wrap I got:
Ferrari Motor Oil:
Portable Socket Set:
Oil Lab Test Kit:
Pre Purchase Inspection Checklist:
I Finally Bought My Dream Car:

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  • For 2020 we have big HOW TO videos coming out! Here is a list of videos that are FOR SURE coming out this year!!! Please comment below anything you want to see this year!!! -How to Supercharge your car on a budget (supercharging the DriftStang) -How to Turbo Your Car (Ebay Turbo the Del Sol) -How to fix a bouncy car -How to fix a sloppy/loose shifter -How to install a roll cage in a car -How to build your own car trailer -Secret new project car ;) -How to patch a rust hole in the floor of your car -How to make your own smoke machine for vacuum leaks -How to check for vacuum and evap leaks -How to install automatic bed lights in your truck (or under the hood of your car) -There is more I have been working on in 2019 to get ready for 2020 but I wont spoil the surprise! Stay tuneeeeeeed

    • Chris how is this Maserati holding up?

    • Bugatti

    • That dude in blue is just talking shut about this company For their 1st generation of this exact car being the most unreliable car in world

    • Change an oil pan gasket on that Trailblazer!

    • i dont want to be a show stopper but much of them didnt come out 2020 is almost over

  • I almost cried watching this. This is totally cool Chris, salute to you! And I hope your Dad have a really good time and experience driving the Maserati

  • i watched the video more than 10 times

  • Such a heart warming video.

  • He is so kind 😊

  • That the second time someone’s dad has made me cry

  • Man you did something amazing for Dad want to do for. My Dad unfortunell he is not here. Anymore i missed him congratulações Crhis you are special guy enjoy your vídeo s

  • My dream car is a Ford Shelby gt 500 now we just have to wait for cris to get it for me

  • My dream car is a 2014 Ford Mustang Manual transmission twin turbo wide body car

  • my guess for the reason on why it takes more oil is to lubricate the turbos.

  • My dream car is a 1971 vw bus

  • Dream car? God that's hard. I would say a mint showroom 240sx, mint factory fresh mazda mx-3 V6, original fresh 1988 GOLF GTI. Something like that.

  • my dream car is 2001 red pontiac aztek. >:c

  • So now only sisterfix is left to get a dream car :D

  • my dream car is the ford bronco or the chevrolet corvette zr1

  • I wish i could make my parents so happy

  • You are the man Chris!

  • Oh wow just saw this vid now. Its really a great thing that you do and that you were actually able to achieve so much! I salute you Chris! My fave car for 21 years has always been a mustang. Hoping to get one soon if all goes well! Your a good man, wish all the best for you and your family! 👍

  • Beautiful ☺️

  • This is so sweet Chris! Your Dad is so adorable!

  • I'm Amber Pitts son and I have a drift stang

  • Watched it today (March 07, 2021) and i am purely touched (and cried) how @ChrisFix loved his parents. You are awesome @CF and this keeps me watching your videos and i learned a lot of things that motivated me do stuff in my own car. My way of saying, THANKS!!!!

    • and beside that, Dec 30 is my birth date.... much love here, from PHILIPPINES....

  • My dream car is just a 2019 Mercedes Benz c63s

  • Imagine having a son that can just fix ur car for free 😁

  • My dream car is a 1967 gt500 Shelby

  • I kinda want the toy there

  • This man he is so glade to have a son that care for the family and others. That is truly priceless. My dream car is a pontiac tram am 1972, but I don't know how reliable they are.

  • Now this is the guy i wanna sub to

  • Christ should just go working at military motor pool hahah

  • I I'm crying

  • Your father's reaction moved me! 😥Good job!

  • I so very very so sad and tears😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Is nobody gonna talk that he put his dog in the trunk

  • my dream car is nissan skyline r34

  • A true love love? The man and his big toy.

  • I am proud

  • My cousin bought the last gen xj 2009 and her dad warned her to buy two of them for when the other one was in the shop....he was right.And another thing I cannot believe the put an aspect RATIO 35 on a 4 door luxury car??!!235/35/20wtf?..why not put on 225/55/18?you know a tire..!not a rubber band?

  • One of the coolest cars ever made has to be a ‘69 boss 429. I want one so bad but damn are they expensive. For a beat up one you’d still pay north of 100k.

  • I’m totally bawling.

  • My dream car is a 1994 Ford Bronco

  • Chris can u plzzzzzzzzz do a face reveal plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • LC 500, wish me luck. one day....

  • I would want the toy it has detail and I'm a kid

  • My dream car Mercedes amg gtr

  • These onions!

  • Oldtimer mustang

  • This is really heartwarming

  • mine is a bugatti

  • Thank God it's not a Ghibli

  • My dream cars are nissan 350z and dodge challenger

  • i am not crying, YOU ARE

  • My dream car is tesla

  • mx5 miata mk1 with a pandem aero kit sparco shifter. and momo steering wheel with seats from a ford sierra cosworth. now thats my dream car

  • I have to say if I had my dream car that would be a accomplishment but I need to set my family up. I’d get my mom a nice Volvo since she needs something safe to drive, and then my family friend an old Buick since she likes REAL STEEL cars lol.

  • Chirs, I don't usually subscribe but you're the best and you have a good heart!

  • The unequaled climb inspiringly suspend because penalty equally include abaft a bright call. earsplitting, cool ethiopia

  • You deserve more than thumps up . God bless you.

  • I was crying, honestly. I'm so happy for Your dad and You. 👍

  • modded e55 amg

  • hummer

  • Ahahhaahhahahahah

  • Sorry, but a Maserati is not reliable

  • Ok so I know this is 1 year later but my dream car is the Honda S2000

  • Great video always respect and care for your parents awesome video

  • The somber viola pathogenetically advise because spot cumulatively regret by a nutty alcohol. premium, scrawny quiet

  • So bad ass. You’re the man!

  • That's like a 20 grand depreciation each year. Don't buy new, people lol.

  • Thank you Chris! It was incredibly inspiring experience to watch this video. I hope this car still makes your dad the happiest man when he is driving it :)

  • My dream car is a dodge is a dodge charger

  • Wow his dad must love that car i mean that is a really high end

  • Next thing you know this guy will be fixing up a Bugatti Divo or something

  • My dream car is a Ford Cortina Mk 3

  • this is quite a late comment, but i just found ur channel a couple of hours ago, and i have to say this is the most wholesome and beutiful thing i have watched in a good while

  • My eyes got sweaty 🥲

  • My dream car would be a mustang

  • My dream car is an Nissan GT-R Nismo

  • 2013 mazda3

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  • Taking care of the family, awesome dude ! Respect

  • Wow man respect for u U are still hearting comments for a video made 1 year ago Btw great video earned a sub

  • my favourite car is a mini cooper john coper works cabrio

  • What do you mean emissions test at the DMV? Do some states actively check that lol?

  • My dream car is a 1988 Ford Mustang foxbody

  • Congrats on your father and yourself, for being amazing! Thanks for inspiring me to do better things for my family :)

  • This guy is such a good son it makes me happy that people do this :)

  • How do get money

  • My dream car is Lamborghini gallardo spyder

  • Mine dream car is a Honda Type R it’s also my dads we saving up I also liked the video and subscribed!

  • The world needs more ChrisFixes


  • 11:32 A golf 4 karawan “or how it’s written “ it’s like the Maserati you have a lot of space

    • @ChrisFix just some info about it keep going with you videos !!

    • Awesome!

  • how long do wraps last??

    • @ChrisFix thanks man. Im ab to go out with the old and in with the new 😂❤️

    • If you maintain it properly, you can expect them to last up to 7 years!

  • 2016 ford Mustang convertible with 1000 horsepower.

  • My dream car is obviously a Nissan 370z nismo!!😀

  • 0:00 my 4 fravrout words

  • Jaguars are unreliable.