Ride Along in my Drift Car (Virtual Reality)

Datum objavljivanja: 3. Ruj 2019.
Come for a ride the ChrisFix DriftStang, a Mustang project car that was won for $1000 at a charity auction and turned into a drift car. I will take you out on the race track as you sit in the passenger seat! This was filmed with a Virtual Reality 180° so you can look at me clutch kicking and pulling the ebrake or you can look out the passenger side window to see us getting really close to the edge of the track!
Cardboard VR Googles: amzn.to/2zL4ymh
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My Racing Seats: amzn.to/2NLZfuU
My Helmet: amzn.to/2NIIv7W
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  • On September 20, 21, and 22 I am doing charity ride alongs at Pocono Raceway in Pennsylvania from 10am to 6pm every day! You can come out to the skid pad and go for a ride. You need pants and shoes (no shorts or open toed shoes) and I have helmets for everyone. Last year was amazing but this year is going to be even better! Every penny goes to St Jude’s Children Hospital and I double the donations with my own money. For updates and more info on the event I will be posting up on my Instagram in a couple of days: Instagram.com/ChrisFixit

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  • On pc use W, A, S and D to look around

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  • This made me feel like I was actually there with my car headset and if you want to see some | grand theft auto | videos with cars of mine you can subscribe to my HRwiki channel it’s enchantedfox245

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