I Bought My DREAM CAR and it's AMAZING!!!

Datum objavljivanja: 23. Kol 2019.
I finally did it, I bought my dream car an AM General Hummer H1! Not only did I buy it, but in this video I take it off road, ford through flooded roads, and drive over cars and crush them. After years of hard work, dedication and passion, I was able to save up enough to buy a car, well technically a truck, that I have wanted since I was a kid. This video is super special to me and I hope you enjoy it! Also, there is a kinda-sorta ChrisFix face reveal in this video...
Where I found my dream car: www.AutoTempest.com
Surprising my Mom with her Dream Car: hrwiki.info/plane/video/hdevx9uUhJ5qqH4
Buying a $300 Car: hrwiki.info/plane/video/a7iRlZuSfaJrmHY
Adhesion Promoter Paint: amzn.to/2Hn0o8k
Matte Black Paint: amzn.to/2ZlzCU1
Measuring wheel (for the brake test): amzn.to/2ziUKQa
Round Xenon Headlights: amzn.to/2L43Sxr
Fluid Pump: amzn.to/322laSm
For the helicopter and tank footage: The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement.
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  • This video is incredibly special because it goes to show you, if you are really passionate about something and work hard, you can achieve your goals! I always knew I would get an AM General Hummer H1 one day, but I never expected it to be this beast and this soon! Thank you guys for all the support, every single one of you. You guys are who make this possible. I do my best to make videos that help you, but you guys coming back to each video and watching them the entire way through, is what makes my channel the #1 Automotive DIY channel in the world! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! Where I found my Hummer: www.Autotempest.com Surprising my Mom with her Dream Car: hrwiki.info/plane/video/hdevx9uUhJ5qqH4 Buying a $300 Car: hrwiki.info/plane/video/a7iRlZuSfaJrmHY

  • 2:10 Well the dogs going for a ride. It was only a matter of time.

  • I also love hummers

  • Chris is such a great HRwiki because he is still hearting a replying to comment when this video came out a year ago

  • Face reveal plss

  • Honda Civic fans don't worry Chris is gonna fix them :)

  • Rewatching this video and I forgot to put my dream car. Right now it’s a 2021 charger scatpack. Might actually be able to get one in 6-7 months!



  • More like three tons to the rest of the world

  • My dream truck is a jeep gladiator.

  • Don't forget to adjust front and rear wing settings! ;-)))

  • Anyone who is not happy for you, has no heart. Congratulations!!! Well deserved...

  • My dad owned 3 H-1 and 2 H-2 and I drove the H-1 for a Dailey for a good year before I got my caddy and they are great

  • I love humors

  • Wow

  • 72 45%

  • Man I wish I had that much money

  • I bought my car only in my dream after waking up its gone

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  • Hi Chris I sadly can’t access auto tempest because I live in South Africa. Do you have any other car websites

  • Warum deutscher Titel und dann English reden :(

  • chris i saw your face in the window reflection you have a nice beard

  • Chris! Help me find a 1967 Shelby GT500 and let's fix her up!

  • It looks cool in the outside but the steering wheel looks different

  • Wait, I had that model 3:26


  • Nice car ;)

  • 6:38 you look like Barack Obama with beard

  • Congratulations Chris! You deserve to get your dream car!

  • You call that off-roading go to the desert 🏜

  • Hes worked so hard im so proud to be here to support

  • Must be nice to have parents who support you. Here I am with my dad telling me I need to get started with my life, then telling me I can't do things because I don't know how.

  • You are the man chris! - just like u when i was a kid i always wanted a hummer & a few years ago i got a deal on a 2006 H3 which i really wanted the H2 but the H3 is also nice but watching ur video i felt like i was in the truck with you lol - that going threw water was crazy & thats wat i want to do with my hummer anyway love ur videos & keep up the good work!

    • Do more videos on upgrading the hummer I would like more ideals my friend & ive learned a few things from watching ur videos that I know on most upgrades I can do myself ok thumbs up my friend

  • I’m proud of u bro

  • Congratulations man

  • you lift it i was like ... He hits Jackpot over there ......Just a quick question about fuel lock ... if i unscrew those screws i dont your lock keys ... then purpose of those lock miss the points

  • Chris: * buys his dream car * Me: make it a drift car.

  • Fixing car is my hobby I will like to get a house with a big back yard and fill it full with my dream car

  • It’s off screen. People who can hack and wach in vr some how: 👁👄👁

  • Rust 10:44

  • chris man I like to watch you alot keep up the good work man and I know alot and maybe you vould help me fix them! Kepp up the good work and thanks for helping People!

  • Hey there Chris for your horn Get a Diesel Train Horn ..LOL Now that is a Horn

  • you nearly got 10k now

  • hummer? .. really?

  • you offroading brother?

  • america is like a fucking joke to people like me who is a 3rd world country civ

  • I just clicked off of his older vids and boyyo i can tell his confidence changed a bunch!😁

  • 11:51 "It has a nice cut off so you don't blind other drivers." I ABSOLUTELY HATE PEOPLE WHO HAS THE ENTIRE SUN AS HEADLIGHTS


  • Hey Chris, just wanted to say thanks for this channel. I own a 67 Mustang, a 94 Miata (w/ pop-up headlights!), and my daily: a 97 Accord (Lorraine!). Thanks to you and your teachings I am the only one who has worked on any of them in the past 3 years, and I can't thank you enough!

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  • Can't take it anymore too jealous 😫

  • I wasn't like the hummer at all but this video about that hummer make me sure that I will buy one at the future😌

  • this is how many times Chris said "Holy Smokes" | | v

  • go damn this kid is so gay

  • Called it

  • Such wholesome guy

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  • woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow

  • I’ll give you half a million for that

    • I’m joking I’m not rich

  • Congratulations ChrisFix you achieve your dream

  • Cool! Now, that´s what I call ECO DRIVING !!! Please plant a 1000 trees a.s.a.p

  • best son ever

  • That awesome man, I'm glad you got your truck. Hard work pays off

  • I’m so jealous. To even be able to take a ride in that thing would be epic! I could imagine how awesome it must be to OWN it

  • I had a question? What tires do u use on the drift stang when drifting, can I get the brand and type I need some from my Mustang because I want to start to get into drifting.

  • Nice!!!!! Good job!

  • Some guys have all the fun...!

  • All of a sudden I want a hummer 😂.

  • Lemme fox the title fir you : u bought me and my mom our dream cars

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  • Wow....you have a my dream car...I envy you so much....😢😢😢 33:30 that's coooool~!!!!! 36:47 OMG😳😳😳

  • to be honest i thought the license plate on the toy was gonna say "ChrisFix"

  • Good job!!! 5m to 7m ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • congrats man, i just bought my dream truck too it was just a base model but its awesome! feels great

  • U

  • Everybody gansta until cris puts a 50cal turret on its roof

  • 0:14 Haha drawers go: *w i g g l e w i g g l e*

  • I know this is the chrisfix channel but you could also you those long snorkels....

  • Unbelievable that you still like and reply to comments on this video! You’re truly one of a kind. Got anymore plans to showcase this beast in future videos? Also, how’s that trailer build coming along? Will we see any videos on that?? Keep up the good work Chris! Hope COVID hasn’t caused too much harm for you and your family. Take care!

  • "Nobody can put anything int he fule tank." False. With any given 5 dollar crowbar, i can put something into your fule tank.

  • 27:26 a sugestion... if your switches aren't in bad shape but neither working, you should try a direct cable-bridge test (of course if you know which of them must be bridged for lock, unlock, etc.) before buying new switches, some times, it could be a wiring problem instead of a switch problem...

  • Damn that car is HUGE. Never really got into hummers but thanks to you I love them

  • 7:51 car goes stututututututu lol i know i came here too late but watch at 32:25... there is either fuel leaking out in the back or water?! i dont know

  • This guy suffered when they got discontinued LMAO same as me :(

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  • Sister dream car?

  • ck.

  • Could you scream any louder?

  • En synnerligen skrig presentation. Tur att det finns olika smaker! Hemskt!

  • Dream Car Lambo

  • closest thing to a face reveal we’ll ever get LOL

  • Hey keep it up brother You're a better man than me, definitely better focus lol, but yeah, I never do knock a good hustle, and more power to you I wish you and all your generations health wealth and glory.

  • Hummers also have a button that take out tire pressure for better rock climbing.

  • Thanks for your video. You make me repair my old Jetta GL 99. I still need help to repair. My dream car is a Toyota Hilux Turbo 4x4. With love from Guatemala.

  • The 40 psi mark on the ctis didn't light up....check that Chris.