How to Replace Control Arms and Bushings to Fix a Bouncy Suspension

Datum objavljivanja: 29. Lip 2020.
Learn how to replace control arms and bushings to fix a car with a bouncy suspension. I show you how to figure out what is causing the bounce (shocks or bushings) and then I show you how to replace the upper and lower trailing arms and install new poly bushings. Then we take the DriftStang to the track and test her out!
How to Replace Struts:
How to Replace Shocks:
How to Install Coilovers:
Tools and Products I used:
Upper and Lower Trailing Arms:
Torque Wrench:
Extendable Ratchet:
Rubber Mallet:
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  • First let me say that I really like your videos. I found you originally when looking for tips on soldering wires. You not only helped me get that job done perfectly BUT you also included a bonus tip of putting dielectric grease on the solder joint, pulling the shrink tubing on, heating it from the center and watching the grease come squeezing out the satisfying!! And perfect!! And I like perfect. That being said...written? Anyhow..the springs control the car's ride height and suspension travel. And the shocks control the springs. You wrote that control arms and bushings have something to do with bouncy suspension, a bouncy ride. Well..control arms are fastened to the chassis using bushings. If they're worn then the car's handling will suffer and also, it shouldn't pass inspection. But worn bushings will not cause the suspension to move up and down. Up and down movement is controlled by the shocks, compression damping is down, rebound damping is up...they control it whether or not the car has worn bushings! If you've got a bouncy car, get new shocks!! A friend of mine has a badass '67 Camaro. As a little trick you scare all the newcomers away every crew years, he'll remove his front shocks. He'll get to the line, launch it a little, hit the brakes so the front suspension compresses, then let off the brakes and punch the throttle again and boom, he's seeing the sky! Wheelies in a big American muscle car! Edit: You got me! I should've watched the entire video before making a comment like this..oops, sorry! I still truly don't understand how that bushing slop causes bounce. I don't understand how anything but shocks even could possibly control up and down motion. But I'm not a I'm not gonna worry!

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