How to Install a Hidden Kill Switch in your Car or Truck (Cheap Anti Theft System)

Datum objavljivanja: 30. Tra 2019.
Instead of installing an expensive car alarm system or using ineffective methods to prevent your car from getting stolen, learn how to install an inexpensive, hidden kill switch.
This kill switch is easy to install and anyone can do it at home with basic tools. It can also work along with your car's current alarm system. How it works is it cuts the power to the fuel pump so you cannot jump start the car, hot wire it, or even push start it. In order to steal the car you need to tow it! It is better than a batter quick disconnect because your computer wont restart and you wont lose your radio stations.
Dream Car:
Products Used:
Automatic Wire Strippers:
Crimping Pliers:
On/Off Switch:
Heat Shrink Butt Connectors:
16 Gauge Wire:
Spade Connectors:
Inexpensive Multimeter:
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  • I hope this video was helpful and you guys never have one of your vehicles stolen! If you install a kill switch, be sure to tag me on Instagram @ChrisFixit so I can share your post! By the way, make sure you watch till the end for my "dream car"!!! Sooooo Pumped to show you guys that! Security System: Automatic Wire Strippers: Crimping Pliers: On/Off Switch: Heat Shrink Butt Connectors: 16 Gauge Wire: Spade Connectors: Inexpensive Multimeter:

    • Imagine a burglar watching this video and steals your car

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    • @Agent 47 seriously?

    • Chris you should make a video where you add the anti theft system to a car and leave the key inside it and doors unlocked to see if someone would try and steal it. Also have a cop there Incase someone does try and steal it, the cop would bust em right there.

  • This guy's videos are so entertaining without the crappy music. He is the only one with this many subscribers that actually responds to the comments. That's why he is top notch.


  • Chris on the highway: Accelerates and shifts from 2nd into 3rd gear and the shifter hits the kill switch by accident.😕

  • My cars glove box works but doesn’t have a handle. Seems like a good place

  • Ah yes, everyone's dream car. A giant blurry image.

  • Did anyone mention you should have wired a spade connector and a receiver on the two wires coming from the switch, and the opposite connectors on the extension cables? That way, if you have to disconnect the wires for other work on the console, etc., you won't need trial and error to reconnect the ends later. 😉 Some chain motor power/control harnesses use identical cable and connectors, but they reverse the connectors so you'll always plug power and control to the correct connectors.

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  • if you would have installed the quick disconnect male-female on the kill switch wires and male-female on the wires run from the fuel relay (instead of male-male on the kill switch and female-female on the fuel relay wires like you did in the video) you could have the option available to completely bypass the kill switch altogether if necessary by disconnecting the fuel pump wires from the switch connectors and connecting the fuel pump wires together to go completely back to "stock". obviously not necessary but it accomplishes the same thing while giving you an easy option in the future

  • chris is amazing and no one can deny that

  • OK thats an old one. My brother had that over 20 years ago & all the thieves know about it. The best one I had was a Mazda capella. someone put a pull switch right in the middle of the dash for spotlights so I connected it to the ignition. There was another 3 position switch on the rh side of the steering wheel ( right hand drive car) I wired that so the fuel pump only worked in the middle position. There were at least 10 attempts to steal that car. They didnt try either switch! Pushed it down the road trying to run start it and all. Walk up pull one switch & flip the other & off you go! The next guy that owned it sold it to a car yard & he didnt tell them about the switches. Some guy bought it & it caused all sorts of problems when it wouldnt go because he mustve bumped a switch!

  • I've got a feeling that you actually left the kill switch in that same spot and only said that you changed it so that you don't have to bother doing it all over.

  • I’m just a kid but I like watching this kind of stuff

  • Hi ChrisFix, How can I install disconnect switch for the battery??? So when I turn it off I totally shut the power to the car! Can you make a video about that awesome guy.👍👍👍

  • Won’t every thief with a brain lust follow back the wire? Like dude it’s super obvious if you look at the wiring...

  • Why dont you always put your car in a bunker 30km in the ground?

  • Thief: I found the thing Car owner: WHAT THE HELL YOU GOT IN MY CAR Thief: I know Car owner: HOW Thief: idk

  • Thanks a lot for this in depth explanation....Would be interesting though to know how a thief would work, when stealing the car. He will not have a key, so he needs to find a way to start the engine without it. First thing to do will be to remove the lower console to get to the wires. An experienced thief should immediatley see the "update" and it shouldn´t be that hard to follow the new wires leading to the location of the switch...or am I wrong?

  • 1:05 look closely at the honda logo 1:07 its a Toyota logo

  • This has motivated me to install a kill switch. Even though my car has a factory immobiliser, this wouldn't hurt as well

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  • Can't you take out the fuel pump relay fuse from the fuse box too?

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  • "Nice development" Oh, how times have changed.

  • Thank you, I just had my car stolen and I’m so devastated it’s my first car and I saved up to get it , it had very low mileage and the blue book value isn’t anywhere near what I paid and it’s the car I learned to drive in so I’ve built this attachment to it. To add to the situation I spent the day cleaning it the day before it got stolen , vacuumed and shampooed the whole interior drove it through a 23$ car wash .... it’s a damn shame

  • Funfact: Robbers also wach this

  • Love this guy and great video

  • "now the multimeter is grounded" multimeter:but what did i do???

  • this was amazing thank u

  • I did this and it worked but the car still starts... it just takes a minute or two for it to run out of gas and it dies

  • Can ı use any switch as a killswitch?

  • But what happens if ı accidentally open killswitch while engine running? İs it only close The engine or is it can damage the car?

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  • The box has a ninja in it

  • Good video. Thanks for that! Hey, your motor sounds terrific by the way. Time to install kill switches on Mom & Dad's car too.

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  • Umm but the thieves steal the center console too

  • Heh, Chris, good job. I installed a dual relay that kills both the fuel pump & ignition system. Works great on my Chevy Silverado.

  • Mines a manual so it’s already got a kill switch built in

  • My honda crx fuel pump relay has 2 wires instead of 1 in 1 plug. Do I splice both wires or just one?

  • Can you do a video about installing a relay for a car stereo

  • Ive wanted to do this to my truck when I go out of town and have to hunker down for the night. If they steal stuff in the inside fine but Id rather keep the truck. Thanks Chris, I'll attempt this come spring.

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  • My family has a lot of cars and I don't know how many cars we have I think we have five A 2006 Chevrolet Avalanche 2500 LT A 2018 Honda Pilot Touring A 2012 Honda CR-V Sport A 2013 Volkswagen Touareg TDI A 2013 Chrysler Town & country and last but not least my car 2016 GMC Sierra Denali and my daily driver of course 2017 Ford Focus RS focus is pretend and the GMC is small I am only 6 years old

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  • Use a reed switch! Pick magnet up from any store spot on car. Drop onto hidden reed switch behind any piece of cloth!

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  • dont forget to install a kill switch on your humvee :)

  • How do you "pump the gas" with a fuel injected motor? Seriously though, an electronic timer that will keep the gas pressurized for 1 minute or less would really put a would be thief in a spot, about 20-30 feet away from the parking spot. Awkward ... A float bowl full of gas would do that in ancient times.

  • Hey ChrisFix, the switch you used on the video is 20A, can I use a 3A one, or is it too low ?

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  • have an alarm system in my car (no joke) that will spit out cyanide into the cab if you do not punch in the code after the door is opened. I take the risk by anyone else: well, you're dead. And there are MORE and MORE people starting to do this. I don't care if it kills someone. You die from it, you'll one less criminal off the theft-market. And thieves won't know people are doing this until it's too late and won't be able to do anything.

  • Great video! I have a classic 65 Mustang and believe that the fuel pump is mechanical...not electrical. Any kill switch ideas other than fuel pump?

  • Don't crimp near fuse box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can bypass very easily! Find an area that requires more effort to get to. I try to find the wiring near a seat and tap there. ;) Other than that, great job!

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